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On The Dividing Of The Sheep: ELECTION DAY 2012

The day when Americans may choose their next President is here. Every four years, a time period decided by unknown logic, each “voting age” citizen gets to exercise his or her Constitutional right and cast a ballot. Not only do the Election Day 2012 Bannercitizens get to vote for President, they also vote on laws (as in the marijuana decriminalization efforts on 6 ballots) and other government and judicial seats. Theoretically, it is We The People speaking out and nominating one of their own very best to lead them. People are encouraged to vote and use their power in this way to change the world via their representatives.

Realistically, though, this modern-day elections is a whole different beast. The facade begins in the YEARS preceding an election, where every big money businessperson in the country unloads as much as he can get reimbursed for later for whichever candidate, or party, is most likely to win. In some cases, as you can see if you research their donation records (for example any major NYC construction company, any bank…oh yes there are thousands more) you will find many of these savvy “life-partner-establishers” often hedge their bets (sometimes not even under separate name) and give money to both the predominant, I’d say ruling American political parties. Which of course brings us to the next link in the corruption chain, that one which remains around your sheep No difference between democrats and republicans, the blue and red illusionhooves and keeps you linked to the acreage the most, that is, the ridiculous bipartite bicameral two-headed beast of a blue-blood system you herd animals call democracy. The democrats and republicans, pick a side is all you have to do, politics made easy for the simpletons. Not even a side, just a color. I suppose in the future candidates will be color-coded.

And every election the results will be predictable, somewhere around a 52%-48% result, because sheep follow the herd and vote company lines. My daddy was a blue so I’ll be a blue, my mama was a red so I’m a red, you’re a southerner you must be red, or you’re gay so you must be a blue – all kinds of reasons exist other than issues by virtue of which the herds make their selections. Slight ideological differences that vary from candidate to candidate and year by year are the only things that separate the democrats from the republicans, but seemingly nobody is willing to recognize any problem with this. There is little to choose between a “conservative democrat” and a “liberal republican.” Furthermore they are almost all rich, and most have never done any real work in their lives, and too many are in several financier pockets. Most have been shown to liars or known not to do what they say they will, and almost all fulfill few if any of their promises.

But if this is really the truth, and America is hopelessly divided by this imaginary ideological color line (that I am sure has been placed there to divide the sheep and keep them weak and against each other, when if they were smart they would come together and squeeze out the shepherd…), then why wouldn’t it make more sense to just divide the country in two? Make your blue country and your red country. Bring this up, and even the most left of Commies will tell you your are un-American for wanting to split the nation. But seriously now, isn’t that what we have?

Statistics show that on average, nearly half of voting-age citizens will not bother to vote at all in America, incidentally the worst turnout rate of all the industrialized nations. That there is a problem should be evident since then in reality today 25% of the voting age public will elect the next President of 100% of the people. Today, I am sitting at home because for the first time on almost 30 years I have skipped an election and so severed completely my political ties to you sheep. I think my reasons will speak for many of us untapped demographic of voters who don’t vote, if not, well too bad, they’re my reasons. Now in handy list form for you.

  • I am sick and tired of having to choose between two political parties that are the same (nice try, Ethel). Everywhere I eat, the money goes to McDonald’s, and I am convinced that my choice is two sides of the same coin.
  • I am convinced that whichever of these yaps wins the election, the result has already been approved by the big money-types who are really calling the shots. Big banks, the Federal Reserve, military and other government contract Uncle Sam has got you now, whoever you vote for, he wins!holders, insurance companies, stock traders (“…Wall Street has taken over the Department of the Treasury…”, excellent, James) real estate developers, the Port Authority, AIPAC and other distinctly narrow PACs like “Jewish” lobbies, Hollywood, etc., really decide who is electable.
  • I want to see more choices on the ballot for President.
  • I want to see either political parties abolished and treated as terrorist groups, or a multiplicity of political parties given fair media and debate access.
  • I am fed up with negative campaigning and false promises.
  • I am weary of the lies I have been told in the past by people I vote for.
  • I want a candidate who will speak the truth.
  • I want to see real working people run, not just for their supper.
  • I’m sick of winners being announced before the polls have even closed, and I don’t trust the new machines one bit.
  • I am sick of voting and no real change ever comes about.
  • I do not want to contribute to an ever-expanding government.
  • I am tired of policing the world. I am tired of wars every term.
  • I’ve come to the realization my vote can be nullified by one ignorant bastard, senile fool, prankster, drunk, or retard.
  • I want media access and coverage to be balanced and equal to all candidates. Equal time.
  • I am disgusted with the wastes of money. American sheep pay more money in taxes than they ever have, and have nothing to show for it.
  • What do you get for your money? I believe this government is a liability and not worth what it costs to maintain.


There are more reasons as you will eventually see, if you follow this blog. Just remember if you ever in the future want to speak badly about the people who “don’t bother to vote,” don’t assume you’re just talking about those who are too lazy, or ignorant of the issues. I mean, being ignorant about the issues doesn’t stop the other 48% from actually voting, does it? Come now sheep, did you really know all those minor candidates you ticked the box for, or did the “name just sound right” to you? Anyway, the reasons people do not vote could be very legitimate: just maybe they might have thought it over long and hard, maybe read a little history and seen that even in Germany under Hitler and Communism in Russia under Stalin, when it came to vote in the main elections there were more than two real choices on the ballot (all of whom were given time to speak and debate); maybe they are waiting for someone who isn’t a soft-handed, silver-spoon, suit-wearing, synchronized hand-gesturing, can’t write his own speech, stuttering below-average man to run; and maybe the non-voters have just decided that choosing between two bad choices is just a choice better off not made.

Good luck on picking your new overlord.

Happy? Of course,


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