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Insurance And The Mafia: On Organized Crime

merchantslifeNow you sheep will immediately label me once again, this time for my stance on the insurance industry, but once again, whether you like it or not, you will hear my opinion about it, yes because you need to be told. I am convinced that insurance is a derivative of organized crime and relies on the same strong-arm principles as did the old “classic” mafia (as opposed to, let’s say, more modern and multi-cultural derivatives). To prove this let me begin with a little history. When the mafia first began in America it arose because of a demand for such a product. People of certain ethnic backgrounds in America routinely saw their storefronts trashed, their businesses broken into, and discrimination in all aspects of life. In a sense these immigrants were helpless as even the police and other authorities would too often turn a blind eye to transgressions against these immigrants. The mafia offered these people protections, protection against theft, protection against fire and vandalism, a providing for the widows and children of the deceased, and so on. For a mere percentage of that business’s income, the mafia would watch over your business, replace anything lost, repair anything broken, and handle any troublesome events.

Modern day insurance really relies on the same basic principles. While they do not, like the later mafia wound up doing, cause tragedies to scare the people into buying (at least, let’s hope not), they have indeed somehow managed to make their “product”¬† a required service in today’s society. That’s right, the only business in America that has statutory requirements in place requiring its purchase is insurance. As most of you are well aware, you MUST have insurance to legally drive a vehicle, finance a home, be granted a leasehold, and now regarding health care, to avoid having to face the penalty of a fine. You are REQUIRED BY LAW to BUY the products insurance provides, which is actually no product at all.

First let’s try and delineate “all the good” insurance does. Insurance replaces anything that is insured, makes sure you get medical care, and can provide for your family after your death. These are good things, right? Well last I checked insurance profits were at an all-time high, this despite the “industry” spending exponentially more as of late on advertising services. Apparently taking care of people has its – rewards. But look at all of these alleged benefits individually and you will see the amount of help given the common man is really illusory. Corporations, megabucks conglomerates and businesses, oh like owners of certain collapsing skyscrapers in New York City (ironically where the mafia began) that get shadily “imploded” that really gain from being insured. How it really works for the average working man is something like this, and I am being generous:

1. Pay $250 a month for health insurance for yourself, another 250 for the family, about 5 bills a month expenditure for the racketeering.

2. Pay $100 a month securing your life, so if you die your survivors get a couple hundred grand.

3. Pay $100 a month to the racketeers so you and your other can acquire registrations so that you can have the privilege of driving your own vehicles.

4. Possibly, you insure the heads of your family, so if they die, you make some cash.

Zeppelin-InsuranceConsidering this example, for 500 a month you get “peace of mind.” Isn’t it worth it?

No, it’s not, and let me say it is this insurance industry, along with the Boards of Directors of the largest hospitals and HMOs in the land, that have fostered this “we need insurance” fiasco. Referring to the numbers above:

1. Most civilized countries have some sort of health care system that provides at least minimal health care coverage to EVERYONE. In our biggest debates the last couple of years all kinds of proposals have been offered for handling the health care situation, yet not one of them which suggested “eliminate insurance from the discussion” was taken seriously. It is as if there is a belief amongst you silly sheep that “health care” and “insurance” are inextricably bound together. But think for a moment IF YOU ARE ABLE what would happen if insurance was eliminated (say, oh, as PARASITIC) from the health care debate. HOW WOULD the run of us pay for our $10,000 gall bladder removal, or $350 a session counseling, or $120 a bottle meds?

There was a time in America that a doctor would work for just the promise of a good roasting hen, and perhaps the esteem and peace of mind for being known as a successful healer, and as far back as Hippocrates it was determined that because of the intimate nature of his business a physician is bound to do his work regardless of the ill’s ability to pay. But today physicians are not the problem as most of us have no problems with a $50 office visit. From my experience I have found that doctors are really getting screwed by the insurance industry, and that most of them work relatively cheaply. Demands on them by malpractice insurance causes the reasonable normal rates to be inflated considerably. Let me give you an example. Let’s say that because of pre-existing conditions I was unable to secure any insurance I could afford. I needed a hernia operation, I put it off too long and it started to bulge out down by my groin, causing considerable pain and inconvenience, so it was time. To have the arthroscopic surgery done, the doctor charged me $800. I found it a bargain, told him so, and paid him cash. Then, when I awoke from my forced slumber on operation day, and headed out of the hospital after just 4 hours in it, I was presented with a bill for over $8,000. I can’t say I was too surprised as I had expected it to be a lot, but that is when I realized first hand how bad it really is in the medical industry due to the presence of the insurance mafia. To make this short, we must eliminate insurance from any talk of American health care, in fact, it must be considered an enemy and impediment to progress in this regard.

Think what would happen to the prices of hospital beds, pharmaceuticals, imaging services, testings, and so on, were insurance not there to pick up the tab, often huge tabs that make us wonder how insurance works its magic. It does it investing the money of all the premium holders. Remember this, if you put $1000 in a bank account, at just ONE percent interest just sitting there doing nothing, at the end of the year you will have earned mafia$10 profit. Keep adding zeros and you see easily how fast easy money is made. $100,000 deposited in the same period earns a cool $1000, and $1 million brings in TEN GRAND , without lifting a finger. Consider that a million dollars in premiums is chump-change to any self-respected insurance “family” and you can see they are doing nobody any favors. Basically, insurance is really a mutual fund that reaps your profits for itself. Without this impediment health care providers would be forced to accept what the market of individual wage earners would be able to pay.

Then there is the matter of whether health care should be capitalized on at all. Is it a fair business? Most business has to compete just to earn your dollar, whether it be to sell you a candy bar or soda, or a new car or home. Nobody bargain shops for health care, or thinks about comparing services when they are sick. While most business goes down when times are tough, business at clinics, hospitals, and doctors’ offices go up considerably. You can’t usually haggle price and even those with insurance, for the most part, are usually limited as to where they can go. Let’s also not underestimate that entity known as “the deductible” by way of which many of insurance’s expenses are reduced.

Worst of all, diligent premium payers with a lifetime of overall excellent health nevertheless encounter large premium raises simply because of their age. They have numerical tables for this, does the insurance industry, and they know that with age the risk of dis-ease goes up. At all times you are better off paying your way.

In sum for this #1, MOST people will pay in more than they will ever use and in fact would be better off saving their premiums and paying full price for their services with cash. Eliminating insurance would also serve to reduce the price of medical services. Controlling prices, finally, would put the finishing stake into the heart of this bloodsucker health insurance scam forever. Nobody should capitalize on human illness and misfortune.


They even dress alike, mobsters and insurance men

2. AND 4. Things get no less shady when we talk about life insurance. While these policies are often sold as providing for funeral benefits and such, in actuality they are moneymarket if not pyramidal movements of cash designed to interpret “care for your loved ones” into “profit for one’s self.” It’s just really sickening to me that people would even think about putting life insurance on the heads of their children, and only a sick society in my opinion would even make the suggestion. As for yourself, it is a good sentiment to want to provide for your family after your death, but why not do it the old-fashioned way? Because $100 in a jar every two weeks won’t go far you say, and that $100 a month will, if you die, provide a good chunk of change for your loved ones after you go. I’m fine with that, but call it like it is: an investment plan, in this case through an insurance broker. If this is indeed the case, then again we have no need for insurance. Just a mutual fund or higher interest bond or CD would do the trick.

3. In having to buy insurance in order to get a tag so you can drive your car, and once again the government mandating¬† you make the purchase from a private business whose product now becomes a requirement, we have abused the principle of supply and demand. The origin of this auto insurance has to do with people of no money getting into accidents that are their fault. Without insurance these people could be sued but there would be nothing to collect. Auto insurance is supposed to fix your car if you wreck it, but like eminent domain you are compensated what THEY say your property is worth, not what you value it as. If again you add up the amount of premiums a person pays on a vehicle during that vehicle’s existence, that person could conceivably total the same car and need it replaced three times, pay for it himself with cash, and still come out saving money in the end. It is just UNFAIR to require we purchase such insurance without there being strict controls on its prices. It’s like electricity and local telephone in many places nowadays it seems, this insurance, whereby you have no control over the price, and no real alternatives as to provider.

So, to recap, insurance operates on unfair principles and capitalizes on misfortune. It’s product is forced on the public and its voice forces itself into any discussions about health, safety, and security as if pre-ordained. It uses covert lobbying and other means to ensure its continued siphoning off of a percentage of the people’s income, and it uses strong-arm tactics and coercion to keep itself alive. Insurance has taken all the principles of the mafia, had them recognized and blessed by the state, and now has seen its criminal activity become required fare. Insurance is the mafia…only it doesn’t look out for its clients half as well. What is worse is that whereas before you knew you were being screwed by the racketeering, now they slide it in gently and legally, and moreover, you appear to like it, and will even pay for it.