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WHY YOU Are My Problem: What is a “Sheep” II

populaceUpon the very hearing of the name URSHEEP (pronounced and meaning YOU ARE SHEEP) many people get offended. While such jumping to conclusions is part of the nature of the problem, in my opinion they have justification to be offended, if the shoe fits. You see, I am convinced that there exist right now in the world good, honest, competent and creative people who can make America, and the world, great again. WE DO have the horses to pull the cart. The problem is that these folks have apparently either been systematically ignored, disgusted into seclusion, or have separated themselves from the political sphere. In any case the good, truthful, and competent people have been for too long drowned out by the murmurs of the mobs, forced to keep quiet while you common drones ruin society.

Unnsurprisingly, truth today has become a pragmatic ordeal. Real truth, classic truth can simply, in our day, be out-voted. In the courts, in the elections, in the debates, in the non-fiction media, it is the masses – those “ignorant masses” and mobs not merely of yore – which can and do influence the decisions we as society make. Seeing as to how they recognize this, and the small fact that their vote can be nullified by one drunk, psychopath, or retard, or that the choices always offered are SO BAD, it’s no wonder to me that the people I am looking for are few and far between. Therefore until you show yourself to be otherwise, to me you are predictable and dull sheep good only for what you can produce which, in most cases, isn’t much.

I can’t say most are sheep by nature, though this may be the case, but definitely sheep are made, as all reward is bestowed upon the sheepish, non-thinking conformer / consumer. Many are downright scared into just buying, yes even literally, into the status quo. The Dewey-Skinner system of educating that is the basis of all public schooling aims not to make a man a thinker or teach him to pursue the truth, but rather it is set up to make a man obey, train him into discipline, and prepare him for work. On the justice level, a man accused of a crime, or challenging a law on Constitutional or other appellate grounds, can be “right” and lose a 5-4 Supreme Court decision, and certainly that of a lesser court. A “jury of peers” has also hung an innocent man and blown obvious verdicts more times than seems imaginable for a truly educated jury. The jury, as any attorney is trained to know, is there to be, and easily, manipulated. Like the witch trials of Salem, today several men can somehow accuse one innocent man and because of strength in number alone have him convicted. The art of Sophism is at least as old as the legal system itself, and it is the art of training to win EITHER side of an argument. It doesn’t matter what the knowledgeable people think in society, what matters is what the HERD thinks, the herd being manipulable and easily misled by its – appetites. You, being the herd, are therefore the manipulable, I can’t trust you to see through even elementary facades. YOU can be made to buy X product just by hearing of it. YOU just need to hear a woman or child cry in argument with someone, and you will automatically be against that someone, and always FOR whoever is crying. You like to flatter yourselves by saying you “think with heart rather than mind” but all you mean by “heart” is that programmed egotistical center of greed and preconceptions you have adopted, unquestioningly, hook, line, and sinker. You are out not to get what you really want, but rather you are out to get what you have been told to want.

YOU (meaning, since I think this cesspool of human fodder is at least now 90% of the population, the majority of people who will come to this website and read these words) are my problem. YOU are the meek sheep who sheependure the sorry choices, who don’t ask for alternatives and airtime for them, you are those who elect these cretins to office nevertheless. YOU are the “majority opinion” that has sent this country and the world into devolution, a going-backwards, for perhaps the first time ever. What I am in the midst of is mob rule, as Plato or Aristotle would say, at best a rule of the uninspiring mediocre. Bosses are mediocre, products are mediocre, judges, presidents…it’s sad, really. Coming also from a liberty standpoint, YOU people want to restrict or eliminate, in the name of your precious “security,” human rights people died to get for you. Even your natural rights you appear ready to give up, for a piece of cheese, or maybe a monthly allowance. You willingly give up security in your “persons and effects.” You strut around with the patriotism flag and use it as a real reason to buy whatever war, budget, or law is on the table. You don’t need reasons, all you need is training and compulsion.

People are forever blaming politicians, or worse, “politics” for the existing conditions. The simple sheep divide themselves into two big teams and fight it out til the end, the end bringing and being the same lying useless money-wasting, big-business-pandering, never-broke-a-sweat-working one day his whole life paperboard, stuttering, lisping clown to represent their schools, towns, counties, districts, courts, states, and nation. Other political options do exist, but they get no airtime and, apparently, the sheep would much rather stay with the evil they know than try something different. You silly sheep are shocked at profanity and nudity but apparently have no problem with profuse blood, shootings, lying, and wars. You don’t mind your body and cars searched, but heaven forbid the person step on the flag while doing it.

Once again (and always exempting those folks I really mean to attract here, the people of Truth) YOU silly sheep are my problem. I have to wait because you are slow, or unprepared. I have to explain myself, because you are deaf, or stupid, or not listening because you are in your own little dreamland. I have to lock my doors and arm myself because of you. I have to be careful what I say around you because you might get offended. I have to be careful when I drive because you don’t know how to, I have to check everything I get done for me because on the whole you are incompetent, so much so, I believe history ought to call the last 50 years THE AGE OF INCOMPETENCE. Then again, I can’t tell you what I really believe because you either won’t understand me, CAN’T understand me, or won’t even hear me, though you be looking right at me. You can’t take care of your children, so we have to. You won’t take care of your parents, so we have to. You have all the washing power of the ages, yet can’t clean yourselves properly. You can’t grow a radish, let alone enough to feed yourself, so someone has to do it for you. Do you thank the food producers, and how, by eliminating their funding, restricting their crops, and patenting genetics for sale? You treat farmers as second-class citizens, bricklayers and roofers as slaves, and you are too ignorant to even recognize what you owe them and respect them for it. You sit in your electronic world and think yourself advanced, when really you, as a whole, are devolving at an alarming rate.  Honesty, integrity, pride, dignity, respect for truth and justice…to you sheep, these are just lines from a superhero movie.

You see the physical signs manifesting in you now. Sicknesses new and devious are developing, others increasing, because of the sedentary lifestyle most of you have. Not just the modified food and preservatives allowed by your FDA are killing you, in fact EVERYTHING you eat is killing you because you DON’T DO ANYTHING to burn it off.  Prime age men needing Viagra and the like for erections, feeble bodies and feeble minds in such an allegedly advanced society, many members of which are chained to pills for all the years of life medicine has gained since the Middle Ages. At work, and by your hands, too many of you produce nothing, so mentally you are inadequate to yourself, which manifests in anxieties of all kinds, more now than ever before.

ballotThe worldviews today are indicative of this pattern. I’m not a fan of religion per se, as while I do think they are all based on something right, I think in their further elaborations about God’s wants and needs and taboos and decrees are terribly wrong. All religions, or ways of believing, rest on what the more aware individual knows as conscience, or that “inner self,” soul, spirit, “true self” or presence of God that never ages within you, knows right from wrong and, with elucidation, true from false. This combined with an awareness of a wonderful diversity that cannot be attributable to chance is awe-inspiring enough to understand the rationale behind a tendency toward God. The religions differ, though, when they elaborate beyond the basic principles they share, those which could be seen as common to any really human nature, and this is where they all go wrong. First, in the exclusion of what is NOT their particular rendition. Too many times God has been degraded because they have attributed to Him what they have done themselves and too many laws of a man have been falsely attributed to God. I think therefore that all religions are just attempts, and, that they all fall short. BUT compared to the rigmarole and horsecrap peddled as truth in the science sphere these days, I think a reasonable religion makes much more sense.

The bulk of you are of one religion or another, which is frightening to me for any vision of an afterlife. A religious person, I am here to tell you, need not be of any religion at all, and many who even attend their place of worship regularly are just dogs of habit who begin their sinning on the way out of the (Saturday or) Sunday parking lot. On the other side of the sheep fence, the other flock of you, the prevailing “enlightened one’s” view that today places science over religion has more drawbacks than can be outlined here and I am sure will be subjects of further essays. I am not anti-science, understand – if you can – I am talking about theoretical science, that science which has no real proof for what it says, but which seems the best explanation at the time. Macroevolution, the Big Bang, for instance, to me are believed religiously, that is, mostly on blind faith. It might be true that the ape-like skull there was a human ancestor but who will ask to see the actual skull, feel it, compare it to 100 other skulls, recheck the dating of the skull, study the effectiveness of the machine which dated the skull, etc.? In fact, despite the obvious reliance on faith by all but the most hands-on researchers, many of the people who ridicule the belief in a God by some strange twists of logic nevertheless believe in mystical powers like “Nature.” Some more rabid of this ilk even talk about the statistical probabilities of things for which they have no baseline figures at all, like not only the probability of something  coming from nothing, or planets respecting the number of stars, but also numerical possibilities for extraterrestrial humanoid life and alien beings, this last with not one piece of evidence other than what can be counted on Earth. We know of one of a zillion planets with life. How can you manufacture a probability from that other than 1 in a zillion? Richard Dawkins, the most recent clown prince of and witnesser for scientific illusion is one example of the kind of really unthinking hero-fool contemporary times idolize. But Dawkins saw the miraculous, he just mislabeled it, like so many of his kind. He has been admired by his sheepish herd of followers for what he was outspoken against, not for his arguments which are simply unpersuasive and condescending.

YOU are moreover predominantly hypocritical and/or cheats, when it comes down to it, and you cannot be trusted to do or promise anything. You break oaths, pacts, promises, deadlines, and New Year’s resolutions likeassAndFart you break wind, by which I mean frequency not necessarily forcefulness and clarity. In a way, you deserve what the monetary elite are doing to you. The banks are systematically owning everything, from what is in your house, to your house, on to your town, and your state, and your nation. You ALL borrow money for what you don’t have, and often, for what you can’t afford. YOU are my problem because you don’t speak up, you never complain for anything of significance, rather you decide to argue with the people cooking your food or doing your laundry or sitting at your table instead. Parrots are rewarded as intelligent, and one who questions the questions considered a troublemaker. You are afraid of what is unlike you, rather than inquisitive and hopeful of learning something new.

YOU are my problem, finally (for now) because YOU are not what you say you are. You are, too many of you, liars. I can appreciate an honest if not so otherwise virtuous man. I cannot respect the liar and poser, the incompetent or the pretender, who presents himself as one thing but is in substance something else, classic case being a preacher turned hooker-buyer, respected community member who is really abusive to his own family, a millionaire philanthropist who nobody asks how he could accumulate so much wealth, while he donates for tax reasons. Nobody asks why their beloved movie star hasn’t donated some millions for policy change. YOU live in fantasy worlds, where you think the world you imagine is the world that is, being thusly even further arrogant, and all this arrogance while the best of you “um” and stutter your ways through the simplest of sentences, and hem and haw over the easiest of duties and tasks.

YOU are my problem, YOU that are holding this species back.